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How you install the YouTube Unblocker?

YouTube Unblocker - video

How does the free extension, YouTube Unblocker for Apple Safari, work?

As soon as you select a blocked video via your Safari browser, YouTube Unblocker automatically becomes effective and tries to load the YouTube video with the help of one of our foreign proxy servers. If successful, the unlocked video will be displayed directly and almost without any delays regarding loading time.

Why should you install YouTube Unblocker in your Safari browser?

The key feature of YouTube Unblocker is that the add-on will only automatically activate the proxy server when the user tries to access a blocked video. If not, you can simply surf without a proxy server and, thus, at the same speed as usual.

Why would I need “YouTube Unblocker for Safari” in the first place?

Certainly, everyone knows the situation- you want to watch a video on YouTube and the one video that you wish to see is the one that is blocked, e.g. in Germany, it is blocked by the Society for Performing Rights for Music (GEMA). But also users from other countries have to struggle with blocked videos. In addition, a lot of videos are not even displayed if one uses the regular YouTube search function. We will help you to bypass this annoying YouTube blocking...

An increasing number of videos is blocked for users from certain countries. Why? The reasons for this vary, but quite often the problems are controversies regarding international broadcasting rights. For users, this quarrel is devastating as a lot of content is automatically filtered and blocked simply as a precaution. YouTube recognizes IP country codes and takes preventive measures to avoid violating any possible usage rights. As a consequence, many YouTube videos, which do not infringe any rights of third parties, are blocked as well, albeit for no reason.

This circumstance outrages a lot of the users involved and justly so, but thanks to YouTube Unblocker for Safari you can now circumvent this excessive censorship. Using YouTube is finally fun again. Instantly after having installed the YouTube Unblocker extension, the majority of the blocked videos can be accessed again and the annoying messages, stating that the content of the video that you wish to view is not available in your country, will disappear. In the future, our free Safari add-on will automatically become effective and will bypass the IP blocking with the help of foreign proxy servers. The Safari add-on makes sure that the process runs smoothly and automatically without any noticeable delays in loading time or any losses in picture quality.

If you have been looking for a simple solution on how to watch videos despite the blocking, then you will be delighted to have found the free YouTube Unblocker extension for your Safari browser. It only takes one simple installation of our add-on in your Safari browser and you can easily circumvent the problem of blocked videos.

How to install the free add-on,
YouTube Unblocker, for Safari?

Here we will show you how to install the YouTube Unblocker if you use Safari as your browser.

Here we go - you can install the YouTube Unblocker that easily...

  1. 1 First, download YouTube Unblocker:
    Apple Safari
    YouTube Unblocker
    Jetzt downloaden!

    In case you are not able to see the download message in your upper right corner of your Safari browser, simply click on the download button on the right.
    Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use first.

    YouTube Unblocker is now in your download folder and ready for installation. Open the download folder by clicking on the download icon, which is situated in the upper right corner. Downloads. It is not a dangerous .exe file, but a regular Safari extention (*.safariextz).

    If this does not work (e.g. if using older versions of Safari), download the Safari extension simply by right clicking the download button and the option “save link as”.

  2. 2 Add the YouTube Unblocker extension using drag & drop:

    Hold your left mouse button pressed down and simply drag the “YouTube-Unblocker.safariextz” extension from the download list in your upper right edge of the Safari into your open browser window.

    Alternatively, you can start the installation via double-click on the downloaded .safariextz file.

  3. 3 Confirm installation of the Safari add-on:

    Confirm installation by clicking “install now“. By doing so, YouTube Unblocker obtains the access rights on “” to unlock blocked videos.

  4. 4 Installation of the Safari extension successful!

    YouTube Unblocker is now installed and activated in your Apple Safari browser. As of now, blocked videos on YouTube will be automatically detected and the blocking will be circumvented.
    Select a blocked video and try it out right now.

How can one delete the
YouTube Unblocker from Safari?

Deleting the YouTube Unblocker extension for Safari is just as easy as installing it.

  1. 1 Switch to the administration of your Safari add-ons:

    Simply open the menu by clicking on the Safari button in the upper left corner. Click on “add-ons” in the menu on the right side.

    As an alternative, you can also navigate via the address bar of your browser towards “about:addons”.

  2. 2 Find the YouTube Unblocker extension in your add-on list:

    Scroll through your Safari extensions on the left hand side until you find YouTube Unblocker. Select it, and you will find the button “uninstalling” on the right. Just click on it and confirm with another click that you want to uninstall YouTube Unblocker.

    You can also deactivate YouTube Unblocker and activate it at some other point in time.

  3. 3 Uninstall process of the Safari add-on is now completed!

    Youtube Unblocker is now inactive and erased from your Apple Safari.

    We would appreciate it if you could give us a short feedback on why you decided against YouTube Unblocker - Thank you!

Why do you need YouTube Unblocker as a Safari add-on?

YouTube is the biggest video and music platform on the planet. More than 800 million users watch videos, post comments and upload video clips on a regular basis. YouTube offers a wide range of videos that quite often cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. Yet, not all users have access to all the material. Due to various reasons, YouTube blocks access to a lot of videos for viewers, who try to watch video clips from within certain countries. Due to country-specific regulations, YouTube may censor videos as a precautionary measure.

In Germany, for example, the ongoing quarrel between Google’s subsidiary company and the GEMA, the German collecting society, result in the blocking of a lot of music content. This circumstance frustrates a lot of users, who do not intend to violate any copyrights but merely wish to watch videos for purposes of entertainment and enjoy the music of their favorite artists.

But you don’t have to fret about it anymore! Simply download YouTube Unblocker for Apple Safari and add it to your extensions in Safari. Now you can return to watching many of the blocked videos.

YouTube Unblocker is an add-on that is free of charge and that you can easily and quickly install in your Safari browser. If you try to access a blocked video, YouTube Unblocker automatically tries to connect with a foreign proxy server and requests the unblocked video. This way, the detection of a e.g. German IP address and, by implication, the blocking of a video will be avoided.

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YouTube Unblocker for Safari:

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