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YouTube Unblocker
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How you install the YouTube Unblocker?

YouTube Unblocker - video

How does the free YouTube Unblocker extension for Opera work exactly?

If you encounter a blocked video on YouTube while browsing with your Opera browser, YouTube Unblocker will try to reload that video via a foreign proxy service. If the video is able to load (e.g. through the USA), the unblocked video will be displayed immediately and automatically for you.

Why should you absolutly install YouTube Unblocker in your Opera browser?

YouTube Unblocker’s essential advantage is that the proxy server is only automatically used by the add-on in case of activating a blocked video. Otherwise, you will browse as usual, without a proxy server, and this way as fast as ever.

Why is an “unblocker“ for Opera necessary anyway?

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has become one of the most popular video-sharing websites worldwide. Millions of users access the website daily to be entertained, listen to music or watch the latest news. In addition, people upload videos, post comments and rate clips by other users. YouTube has a truly global community and viewership.

Why? Not everyone has access to every video. Some videos on YouTube are subject to certain restrictions and censorship, i.e. users are sometimes not able to watch videos from within their country, yet they are able to watch the same video from within a different country. This has been going on for a couple of years now and, hence, watching YouTube videos is not as fun as it used to be. Instead of being able to watch the selected music or video clips, your screen remains black apart from the notification that informs you that the video is not available in your country. A lot of times, the reason for blocking a video are debates over profits and international broadcasting rights. In order to prevent potential lawsuits, YouTube blocks a lot of videos as a precautionary, yet often unnecessary measure. As a consequence, many YouTube videos which do not infringe any rights of third parties are blocked, albeit for no reason.

However, this censorship can be effectively bypassed by YouTube Unblocker. Our free Opera extension steps in automatically and only when discovering a blocked video and bypasses the IP blocking by using foreign proxy servers. Usually, this is done without noticeable delays in loading time, and moreover, it does not lead to losses in video quality.

YouTube Unblocker for Opera is the easy and uncomplicated way to unblock blocked videos on YouTube. Unblocker for Opera is an add-on you can simply download and install in your Opera browser. Now you are able to watch blocked YouTube videos from within almost any country.

How does the installation of the free add-on
YouTube Unblocker take place with Opera?

Trust the most popular YouTube Unblocker and convince yourself of the advantages. You will love it!

Let’s go – you can install the YouTube Unblocker that easily...

  1. 1 First, download the YouTube Unblocker:
    YouTube Unblocker
    Install now!

    If you don’t see the „download notification“ at the upper edge of your browser window saying that the add-on is not enabled yet, just right click on the download button.
    Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use first.

    The YouTube Unblocker has already been added and pre-installed, but it is not enabled yet. You can ignore and hide this „notification“ by clicking „OK“.
    You did not download a dangerous .exe file but a normal Opera/Chrome extension (*.crx).

    Alternatively, you can deposit the .crx file in an optional directory or on your desktop by right clicking the
    download button and then „save linked content as...“, so you will be able to recover the add-on at any time.

    You are using the „old version“ of Opera?

    In case you are using an older version of the Opera browser, such as versions prior to version 15 (Chrome-Engine), please download the following file: YouTube Unblocker (*.oex)

  2. 2 Now open the administration of your Opera add-ons:

    Click on the Opera menu icon at the top on the right of the tool bar Chrome Menu.
    Now pick „tools“ and click on „add-ons“ in the submenu.

    Alternatively, you can just open a „new tab“ and browse for opera://extensions.

  3. 3 Approve the add-on’s installation:

    To enable the add-on, click on „install“ and approve the necessary access privileges on „*“ by reclicking „install“ so that you are able to unlock blocked videos.

  4. 4 Opera add-on successfully installed!

    The YouTube Unblocker is now installed and enabled for Opera. From now on, blocked videos on YouTube will automatically be recognized and the lock will be circumvented.
    Try it now with a blocked video.

How to uninstall the
YouTube Unblocker from Opera

Removing the YouTube Unblocker extension from your Opera browser is just as easy.

  1. 1 Open the administration of your Opera add-ons:

    Click on „window“ in your browser’s upper menu toolbar and then pick „add-ons“ from the menu.
    (see also the animation in the 2nd step of installation)

    Alternatively, open the following link via the address bar: „opera://extensions“.

  2. 2 Find the YouTube Unblocker in the add-ons:

    Scroll through the list of your Opera add-ons until you find the YouTube Unblocker. In the right upper corner of the add-on’s listing you will find the „remove icon“. Just click on that and approve by reclicking „OK“.

  3. 3 Uninstallation is completed!

    The YouTube Unblocker is now removed from your Opera browser and no longer in use.

    We would be glad to hear about your short feedback, explaining why you decided against the YouTube Unblocker – Thank you!

Why do you need an unblocker for your Opera browser?

Some videos are subject to country-specific restrictions. This means that you might be able to watch a video in Great Britain, but if you are on vacation in Spain and try to enter the video from there, YouTube won’t play the video. Instead a notification will appear, stating that the video is not available in your country. Especially in Germany, a lot of the videos on YouTube are blocked. The reason for this is a quarrel between the GEMA, the German Performing Rights Society for Music, and YouTube. So why not just visit another video platform?

When you think of video platforms, YouTube naturally comes to mind. Undeniably, it is one of the most popular video-sharing websites in the world. Millions of users access YouTube daily to search for music, news, trailers, tutorials and other entertaining video clips which you will simply not find when you visit other video-sharing websites.

With the help of our YouTube Unblocker extension, you will finally be able to watch videos that were previously blocked. Now you can enjoy the full range of video clips that YouTube has to offer.

If you have installed YouTube Unblocker for Opera, the unblocking process takes place automatically. If you wish to watch a blocked video on YouTube, YouTube Unblocker will try to connect to a foreign proxy server – because you might reside in a country whose country-specific IP addresses are blocked by YouTube. The user can now “outsmart” YouTube by connecting to YouTube via a foreign IP address. This way, YouTube will no longer be able to detect your country-specific IP address. Hence, the video will be unblocked – an easy, comfortable and effective solution to unblock YouTube videos.

Moreover, YouTube Unblocker offers the advantage of not permanently running in the background unlike other proxy add-ons. YouTube Unblocker is only automatically activated when opening a blocked YouTube video, and when you don’t need it anymore, it turns off. This way, you browse the Internet with familiar speed and without turning the proxy service on and off.

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YouTube Unblocker for Opera:

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