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How you install the YouTube Unblocker?

YouTube Unblocker - video

How exactly does the free add-on,
YouTube Unblocker for Mozilla Firefox, work?

If you are surfing YouTube with Mozilla Firefox and call up a blocked video, the YouTube Unblocker will try to call it up via a foreign proxy server. If that succeeds, you will be able to watch the unblocked video.

Why should you absolutely install
the YouTube Unblocker in your Firefox browser?

The YouTube Unblocker’s greatest advantage is that the proxy server is really just enabled automatically by the add-on, when you are calling up a blocked video. Further, you browse without any proxy server as usual and thus as fast as ever.

Why is an “Unblocker“ for Firefox needed anyway?

YouTube was created in 2005 and, since then, has begun its rise to becoming the largest video-sharing website worldwide. YouTube’s community uploads a vast amount of videos each day and millions of users go to to watch news, videos and listen to music.

However, not every video can be accessed by every user. Some content can only be watched from within certain countries, a circumstance which frustrates a lot of users- especially because a lot of the uploaded material cannot be found on any other video platform. So instead of being able to watch the latest song of your favorite artist, you might get a message stating that the content of the video is not available in your country.

Why is it that some videos are blocked? The reasons for blocked content vary. YouTube might remove a video completely due to copyright infringement or your government may filter videos on YouTube. In countries where YouTube is completely banned or when a video is blocked internationally, YouTube Unblocker will not be able to unblock the content either as this cannot be technically achieved on legal grounds. However, a lot of YouTube’s videos are subject to other restrictions and excessive censorship that can be circumvented. In Germany, for example, the majority of the videos is blocked because of a quarrel between the video platform and the German collecting society for music (GEMA). In order to prevent a potential lawsuit, YouTube blocks a lot of videos as a precautious measure.

If you are facing a similar situation in your country, but you still want to watch every video without any interruption, we have the perfect solution for you. Install YouTube Unblocker for Mozilla Firefox now and watch any video you like.

After installing YouTube Unblocker, the screens of most of the censored videos will not remain blank anymore and the tiresome messages will disappear- because in the future our free Mozilla extension will automatically interfere and circumvent video blocking with the help of foreign proxy servers, without long delays or a loss in picture quality of the videos.

How does the installation of the free add-on,
YouTube Unblocker for Mozilla Firefox, take place?

The installation of the YouTube Unblocker for Mozilla Firefox is safe, foolproof and done by only 3 clicks.

Let’s go – it is that easy to install the YouTube Unblocker...

  1. 1 As a first step, you have to download YouTube Unblocker:
    Mozilla Firefox
    YouTube Unblocker
    Install add-on now!

    If you can’t see the „download notification“ in the upper left corner of your address bar in your Firefox browser, right click on the download button.
    Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use first.

    Approve the download of the YouTube Unblocker by clicking on „permit“.
    The add-on needs just little disk space and the download is done in just a few seconds. It is not a dangerous .exe file, simply a normal Firefox extension file (*.xpi).

    Alternative to that, you can right click on the download button and then store the .xpi file via „save link as...“
    in any other direction or on your desktop, so that you will be able to relocate the .xpi file at any time.

  2. 2 Confirm the Firefox add-on installation:

    The installation starts automatically. You can ignore the general „warning notice“, just wait for the short countdown and continue by clicking „install now“.

    Alternative to that, you can drop the downloaded .xpi file in the Firefox window to start the installation.

  3. 3 Complete the installation now:

    The YouTube Unblocker is installed now and will be enabled after restarting your Firefox.
    Just click on „restart now“.

  4. 4 Firefox add-on installation succeeded!

    The YouTube Unblocker is installed and enabled in Mozilla Firefox. From now on, blocked videos from YouTube will automatically be recognized and the lock will be circumvented.
    You can try it straight away with a blocked video.

How to remove the
YouTube Unblocker from Firefox

Uninstalling the Unblocker add-on in Mozilla Firefox is as easy as the installation was.

  1. 1 Open the administration of your Firefox add-ons:

    Just open the Firefox menu by clicking the orange „Firefox button“ in the upper left corner. Click on „add-ons“ on the right hand side of the menu.

    Alternative to that, just enter following in the address bar of your browser: „about:addons“.

  2. 2 Find the YouTube Unblocker in the add-on listing:

    Scroll through your Firefox add-ons until you have found the YouTube Unblocker. On the right hand side, you will see the button „delete“. Just click on it and by another click on „restart now“, the uninstallation is completed.

    You can also just disable the YouTube Unblocker and enable it at a later time.

  3. 3 Uninstalling the Firefox add-on completed!

    The YouTube Unblocker is now removed from your Mozilla Firefox and won’t get active again.

    We would be glad to hear your short feedback explaining why you decided against the YouTube Unblocker – Thank you!

Why do you need a YouTube Unblocker for your Mozilla Firefox?

Some videos can only be watched from within certain countries. A user from, say, France may be able to access a video from within the States but as soon as he is back in his country of origin, he will no longer be able to access the same video, simply because he is in a different location.

In order to continue watching every video, YouTube Unblocker redirects the request for a video via foreign proxy server. This way, you will be able to get around a censorship that is based solemnly on your location.

Contrary to other add-ons, our proxy service does not always have to get manually enabled or disabled. YouTube Unblocker enables itself automatically, but only when encountering a blocked YouTube video. You will surf the internet in familiar speed because the Unblocker extension for Firefox is not enabled around the clock.

In order to continue watching videos of your favorite musician or band, you just have to download YouTube Unblocker for your Firefox browser on Our Firefox extension and the unblocking of videos are absolutely free and do not require any technical know-how.

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YouTube Unblocker for Firefox:

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