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How you install the YouTube Unblocker?

YouTube Unblocker - video

How does the free extension,
YouTube Unblocker for Google Chrome, work?

The moment you reach YouTube’s website and access a blocked video, YouTube Unblocker tries to open the video via foreign proxy servers. If it succeeds, the unblocked video will start directly and automatically.

Why should you absolutely install
the YouTube Unblocker for Google Chrome?

YouTube Unblocker’s essential advantage is that the proxy server is only automatically used by the add-on in case of selecting a blocked video. Otherwise, you will browse without a proxy server, as you would normally do, and thus as fast as ever.

Why is an ‘unblocker’ for Chrome needed at all?

YouTube is by far one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in this universe. Billions of users enjoy watching news, music or video clips on YouTube every day. The combination of uploading, commenting and evaluating attracts a large viewership. For a couple of years, however, watching videos on YouTube is not as fun as it used to be and a lot of users are familiar with the following situation: You want to watch a particular video, but the screen remains black and a blocking message appears instead, telling you that the content of the selected video is not available in your country. Additionally, many other search hits show the same result and, moreover, certain videos are not even listed in the YouTube video search of your country. In contrast, users from other countries have no trouble watching the videos whatsoever. This circumstance frustrates YouTube users- for good reason.

If you are facing a similar situation in your country, but you still want to watch every video without any interruption, don’t hesitate and install YouTube Unblocker for Chrome now, circumvent the immoderate blocking and watch any video you like.

After installing YouTube Unblocker, most of the censored videos will not remain black and the annoying messages will disappear- this is because, as of now, our free Chrome extension will automatically interfere and bypass the blocking with the help of foreign proxy servers, without having to wait for long or a loss in picture quality. However, our Google Chrome Add-on is much more than just a simple YouTube Proxy that redirects users to servers abroad

How do you install the free add-on,
YouTube Unblocker for Google Chrome?

Unfortunately, YouTube Unblocker can’t be installed directly via the Chrome Store—don’t worry, installation of our add-on for Google Chrome is not too technical and, hence, only takes a few steps. Here, we will show you how the add-on YouTube Unblocker for Google Chrome is installed in only a few steps.

Why is YouTube Unblocker not available in the Chrome Web Store?

Chrome browser and, thus, also the Chrome Web Store are part of Google, just like YouTube is. As it has been the case with other well-known unblocker extensions, YouTube Unblocker has been removed from the Chrome Web Store due to the fact that Google does not like the bypassing of YouTube’s blocking or does not want to support it officially. That’s why you have to install the add-on manually in the Chrome browser.

Let’s go — installing YouTube Unblocker ist that simple...

  1. 1 First, download YouTube Unblocker:
    Google Chrome
    YouTube Unblocker
    Download now!

    If you don’t see the ‘download message’ in the download bar, which is located in the lower left edge of your browser window, click the download button on the right side.
    Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use first.

    You can ignore the general ‘warning’ and proceed by clicking “Keep”.
    This is not a dangerous .exe file, but only a regular Chrome extension (*.crx).

    Download is now completed and, instead of the message, “YouTube-Unblocker.crx“ appears. The .crx-file is now in your download folder (chrome://downloads/).

    Alternatively, you can save the .crx file with a right click on the download button, followed by ‚save link as’.
    If you do so, you can find the .crx file again at any given time.

  2. 2 Change to the Management of your Chrome extensions:

    Click the Chrome menu icon Chrome Menu in your browser’s toolbar.
    Then choose ‘Tools’ and click ‚extensions’ in the submenu.

    Alternatively, you can open a ‚new tab’ and navigate to chrome://extensions/ .

  3. 3 Add YouTube Unblocker using drag and drop:

    For this, simply drag the ‚YouTube-Unblocker.crx’ with pressed left mouse button to the lower left edge of your Chrome browser and right to the extensions list.

    This didn’t work? Here’s the alternative, which is a little bit more complicated but works anytime...

    In case that the "Add" message won’t appear, click on the arrow that is situated right next to your downloaded Youtube-Unblocker.crx file in the download bar below. Click “view in folder“. This will open the download directory, in which you will find the crx file. Position the window so that it will not hide the chrome window completely from sight. Now drag the file into the extension list.

  4. 4 Finish your installation now:

    Confirm your installation by clicking ‚Add’. By this, you gain administration rights to ‘*’ in order to unlock blocked videos.

  5. 5 Installation of the extension to Chrome has been successful!

    YouTube Unblocker is now installed in Chrome and activated. From now on, blocked YouTube videos are recognized automatically and the blocking is bypassed.
    Try it right now with a blocked video.

How to remove YouTube Unblocker
from Google Chrome?

Uninstalling the YouTube Unblocker extension in Google Chrome is even simpler than installing it.

  1. 1 Switch to the management of your Chrome extensions:

    Click the Chrome-Menü-Icon Chrome Menu. in the upper right part of your Chrome browser’s toolbar. Then, choose the submenu ‘Tools’ and click ‚Extensions’.
    (see also the animation in step 2 of installation)

    Alternatively, just navigate to „chrome://extensions/“ via the address bar.

  2. 2 Find YouTube Unblocker in your extensions:

    Scroll through the list of your Chrome extensions until you find YouTube Unblocker. Right next to the side of the extension’s entry you find the ‚Delete Icon’ Chrome Erweiterung löschen.
    Click this and confirm with another click on ‚Remove’.

  3. 3 Deinstallation of the Chrome extension is completed!

    Now, YouTube Unblocker has been removed from your Google Chrome and is inactive.

    It would be great, if you could give us a short feedback why you decided against YouTube Unblocker—Thanks a lot!

Why do you need YouTube Unblocker for Google Chrome?

All around the world, more than 800 million users visit YouTube regularly to watch music videos and much more. Thus, it is the biggest video and music platform on the planet, offering numerous videos that can’t be watched on any other video platforms such as MyVideo, Clipfish and the like. However, viewers from various countries are sometimes excluded from viewership, because their country is subject to certain restrictions regarding YouTube and videos are often censored.

The reasons for blocking a video vary. In Germany, for instance, the on-going dispute between YouTube and the German collecting society (GEMA) is accountable for blocked content. Until now, both parties haven’t managed to agree on the payment of fees for the clips. How big the gap between YouTube and the GEMA is in those negotiations is pure speculation.

Luckily, YouTube Unblocker is available and free of charge for all users of Google Chrome. Installing the add-on only takes a couple of minutes and is dead easy. After installation, everything runs automatically and most of the music videos, which were blocked before, can be watched again. Foreign clips etc. are available in usual video quality and without long delays in loading time- because our Chrome add-on starts the proxy service only when selecting a blocked video.

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YouTube Unblocker for Chrome:

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