YouTube Unblocker ... has been successfully installed in your Mozilla Firefox - congratulations!

Mozilla Firefox
21.X - 38.X

We have further improved YouTube Unblocker. As of right now, it is in its test phase for Mozilla Firefox for the time being.
Please bear with us if minor errors should occur, and feel free to report those to us... Thank you!


Please, take 5 minutes of your time and learn about the new features of the enhanced YouTube Unblocker...

1. Ready for immediate use ...

Probably, you haven’t noticed it yet and that’s a good thing.

NEW is, however, that installing the Firefox add-on does not require a reboot of the browser.

In addition, a deactivation and removal is possible without a reboot and, hence, much more convenient.

2. Faster detection, unblocking and optimized proxy selecting ...

Completely new is the way the add-on detects locked videos by using the YouTube API in the background and also selecting proxy servers regarding the restrictions. Thereby locked videos are detected more reliable and the proxies are choosen more suitable to make unblocking much more faster.

All matching proxies are then tested without reloading the YouTube page again and again. After unblocking the video bx proxy successfully, the add-on stores the used proxy to make loading, unblocking and viewing the video yet faster.

Just give it a try:

3. Constantly in use ...

YouTube Unblocker searches for and unblocks locked YouTube videos not only on, but also on all other websites.

Even on, YouTube videos will be examined, unblocked and started automatically after having “activated” them.

Of course, unblocking also works for those videos that are not allowed to be embedded in certain web pages or domains.

4. Improved unblocked search results ...

Similar to its predecessor, the new version allows you to unblock the “YouTube search” easily.

Now with the advantage of seelcting a specific country from the available proxies. Selected proxy is then set for the entire search, including all result pages and can be removed easily with a single click again.

5. Simple administration ...

The new toolbar icon shows you from now on the status of your YouTube Unblocker extension. However, you can deactivate it anytime you want, in case it bothers you or space is tight.

Moreover, you can conveniently manage your add-on with on simple click on your toolbar icon. Fast and easy activation and deactivation in case you should ever have a reason for doing so or you are simply curious about how life would be without YouTube Unblocker… ;)

If problems regarding YouTube Unblocker should occur, especially during the test phase, we would appreciate it if you could give us a targeted feedback. To be able to do so, please find the button for the feedback form in the menu.

Thank you for your cooperation!