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How does YouTube Unblocker work?

If you encounter a blocked video on YouTube, the YouTube Unblocker add-on will try to reload that video via a foreign proxy service. If circumventing the blocking is successful, we load it in background, inject it and you will be able to watch the previously blocked video directly.

Proxy server only if you really need one!

YouTube Unblocker’s main advantage is that the proxy server is only used by the add-on when activating a blocked video. Otherwise, you will browse without a proxy server as you would normally do and therefore as fast as ever. Moreover, you don’t have to switch anything on and off as it is the case with other add-ons.

Some backgrounds: What are the reasons for using YouTube Unblocker? ...

With more than 800 millions of users, YouTube is the biggest music platform on the planet. Millions of videos can be watched on YouTube for free. Many of those cannot be found on any other platform and users from all around the world enjoy watching YouTube videos. However, not every video can be watched by every user.

In a number of countries, YouTube videos are subject to certain restrictions, i.e. in the States, you may be able to watch a video but if you try to watch the same video from out of Spain, it may be blocked. Especially German users are affected by censorship in many ways. However, they are not the only ones. Video clips can be censored in specific countries for various reasons. Most likely, legal distinctions depending on the country and disputes regarding profit and international broadcasting rights are accountable for videos being blocked. For example in Germany, more than half of YouTube’s videos cannot be accessed due to the on-going dispute between the video platform and the GEMA, the German collecting society for music.

If you experience similar difficulties in your country with respect to watching YouTube videos and you are tired of being treated differently from other users, you have come to the right place! Defeat YouTube’s blocking with our YouTube Unblocker and watch almost any blocked video. At this place we want to send special thanks to our sponsor - who made the YouTube Unblocker possible.

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Problem: Why are some YouTube videos blocked ...

There are various reasons why YouTube videos may be blocked and YouTube cannot always be held responsible for it. In fact, in most cases YouTube merely acts on behalf of record companies and motion picture studios when they believe that copyrights have been violated (Content ID Match or DMCA Takedown Notice). In addition, many governments have filtered YouTube’s content in order to prevent public exposure to videos that may ignite social or political unrest; others might even have imposed a complete ban on the platform.

  1. 1 YouTube could remove a video due to violation of its terms of use, e.g. if a video contains too much nudity or gratuitous violence.
  2. 2 YouTube videos may be subject to automated removals and blocking due to copyright infringements.
  3. 3 Public and private institutions like schools and government agencies often block social media sites in order to reduce distractions and network bandwidth usage, but also due to national security legislation.
  4. 4 Governments may filter content to prevent access to videos that contain criticism of government officials or religious leaders or filter content that is judged to be inappropriate.
  5. 5 Quarrels between YouTube and copyright holders, their representatives or collecting societies could prevent viewership from accessing a certain video.

Solution: Why to bypass YouTube’s blocking mechanism via proxy servers ...

YouTube users are used to this: They search for a certain song on the world’s biggest video portal but the desired video can’t be watched... it’s blocked and unfortunately you see this quite unpleasant message:

Unfortunately, this video cannot be accessed in [...] as it possibly contains music whose related rights have not been granted by [...]. We’re sorry.

This is quite annoying for those who only want to listen to their favourite songs via YouTube. Above all, this holds because YouTube’s blocking mostly affects current hits. What’s more, this mainly or almost exclusively concerns YouTube’s German users. The reason for this is an automatic filter on YouTube. This filter tries and identifies content whose rights of use are or might be ‚protected’. Subsequently, this content is blocked rigorously to avoid lawsuits by copyright holders against YouTube.

Actually, it’s a fact that several independent studies provide evidence for negative consequences for both copyright holders and artists through this excessive censorship in music industry. Those overweigh the ‘presumed loss’, which might emerge through violation of copyrights or the so-called rights of use.

Oftentimes, users of YouTube only want to listen to the newest album of their favourite artist before they decide whether to buy it or not—just like people did by listening to the radio, back in the days. We make this possible: Watching blocked YouTube videos.

Why certain videos can only be watched in some countries ...

Some videos on YouTube can only be watched from within certain countries. However, YouTube is not the only platform that limits its access to videos. The over-the-top (OTT) subscription service “Hulu”, for instance, offers its range of videos and other content only to users who are located inside the States. If a user tries to ‘activate’ a video on Hulu’s website, the following message will be displayed: “Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States.”

Hulu states a number of legal and business issues, such as the lack of international streaming rights, as the reason for not yet being able to make their content available globally. YouTube also struggles with some outstanding legal issues regarding copyrights. In Germany, for example, the Society for Musical Performing Rights and Mechanical Reproduction Rights (GEMA) is responsible for most of the blocked videos.

The GEMA makes sure that composers and publishers get their due for a performance. However, YouTube and the GEMA still haven’t come to an agreement regarding the amount of fees YouTube has to pay the GEMA for playing songs. What is so frustrating about this situation is that artists and publishing companies, who are the true owners of copyrights, often wouldn’t mind seeing their songs played on YouTube. This fact upsets a lot of users who do not want to reduce the profits of their favorite musicians but merely want to listen to them on YouTube, before obtaining their songs on iTunes or other music stores. In addition, according to statements made by YouTube, the blocking of music content in Germany is a relatively automated process. The video portal has no way to check which clips are represented by the GEMA and which are free of any copyright restrictions. Fearing lawsuits, YouTube’s blockage becomes effective quite too often. Due to this, a section of the videos are unjustifiably censored, leading to a lot of resentment among German users.

How does YouTube identify users?

As most internet users know, you can be identified by means of an individual IP (Internet Protocol) address. These IP addresses can be matched to specific country codes. In practice, this means that you can ban IP addresses of specific regions (Geo-IP blocking) in order to limit or prevent users in that region from accessing content. YouTube takes advantage of this and automatically detects and distinguishes users based on the location from which they try to access a video. For instance, YouTube blocks many videos for users in Germany with the help of technical filters. Mostly, this is merely done ‘on suspicion’ without prior assessment or instruction by the right holders. In other countries, like the U.S., this content is freely accessible as there are no protective rights in effect and, moreover, legal regulations in these countries do not require such excessive censorship. Thus, we want to circumvent immoderate censoring

How does the proxy service work?

The aforementioned identification of YouTube users by means of their IP address is also the ‘key’ to unblocking the blocked videos. In concrete terms, this key resides in a ‘technical detour’ via foreign countries. This is made possible with the help of foreign proxy servers that are placed in various countries. Just like a visitor of YouTube from an outside country, the proxy server accesses the video via a ‘foreign’ IP address. Technically, only the video which is not blocked is accessed and then ‘reloaded’ by our add-on on your current YouTube page. No proxy server has to be activated and the page doesn’t have to be refreshed — the video can be watched in usual quality and almost instantly.

Not possible to unlock every video?

A ‘genuine’ unblocking or an unblocking of private YouTube videos, for example, can’t be technically achieved on legal grounds. Thus, taking a ‘technical detour’ to circumvent YouTube’s blocking also has its limits and some videos can’t be unblocked. If content is ‘private’ or ‘protected’ by law, i.e. it is blocked or inaccessible internationally (e.g. due to copyright infringement), this ‘genuine blocking’ cannot be bypassed. Actually, this would not be in the interests of YouTube users anyway, who only want to watch YouTube videos that are blocked because of unnecessary censorships. These users do not intend to violate the rights of third parties on purpose, but only want to circumvent the automatic and often excessive ‘censorship on suspicion’.

YouTube Unblocker: Bypass the blocking with software ...

YouTube visitors surely don’t care about any disputes regarding money and video clips. They only want to watch the latest videos of their favorite artists. Luckily, there is quite a simple solution for all YouTube users: Our YouTube Unblocker.

It is an add-on for the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. It is completely free of charge. The browser add-on unblocks YouTube and lets YouTube users enjoy nearly any video clip. All this, without paying anything and without doing anything apart from installing the add-on, of course.

The principle of operation is simple:

YouTube Unblocker redirects web traffic via foreign proxy servers (e.g. the U.S.) to YouTube. The video platform only checks the visitor’s IP address. If it is an IP address from a certain country that is subject to restrictions, there may be a precautionary censorship and the video will be blocked. Yet, IP addresses from many other countries can watch the video trouble-free. With the help of this technical loophole, the video is thus not really unblocked. We only take a ‘detour’.

Easy installation of the add-on:

Hence, in order to unblock most YouTube videos successfully, YouTube users do not have to install a ‘VPN’ or surf with a proxy service all the time, while having to manage it. Simply download the browser add-on here on and everything else will happen automatically. For this, just click “download” or “install” for the respective browser. After installation, it’s recommended to restart your browser—now you can bypass YouTube’s blocking.

How are we funding the YouTube Unblocker?

Neither the development nor the programming of the YouTube Unblocker was free. Sadly, it takes a lot of time, effort and money to operate this add-on: Updates, features and a webserver to host the website don't come free.

However, we do hope that our project will pay its running costs as soon as possible. Every user can actually be part of this process by downloading the add-on. Yes, we could integrate disruptive banners and ads in the YouTube Unblocker. Sure, we could also launch an appeal hoping for users to donate some 50 cents. But this is not the way we want to fund our project. We neither want to foray our users nor beg for money.

So, the main question for us is: How can we cover the expenses without annoying our users?

The answer comes in two simple words: „Trusted Links“. We integrated a function in our add-on that offers a surplus to all our users by highlighting specific search results. Through a third-party JavaScript, search engines like Google will be highlighting specific search results with a small logo. Trusted brands, websites and online shops are emphasized this way. If one of our users clicks on such a „trusted link“, we will be refunded with a small amount of the resulting revenue.

The incoming money is then used for important updates, the development of new features and new versions for additional browsers. In this way, we hope to attract even more users.

How to find the „Trusted Links“?

However, the YouTube Unblocker is and will be a free-to-use add-on. You can deactivate the „Trusted Links“ function permanently. Just do so in the option setting of the add-on.

Therefore click on the toolbar icon to open the add-on settings, scroll down and find the checkbox. By clicking you can de- or activate the „Trusted Links“ option easily.

We want to thank everyone who uses the services of the YouTube Unblocker and decides to support us!

Thank You!

Choose the right add-on to download for your browser ...

After downloading, the free YouTube Unblocker extension will be installed within minutes. After that, the software works fully automatic and blocked YouTube videos can be watched again. Every now and then, adjustments are necessary to react to technical changes on YouTube. In such cases, YouTube Unblocker receives an automatic update (mostly within 24 hours) and runs as usual after that.

By installing you confirm reading the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.